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A video tape consisting of four programs each examining ways communities can encourage employment

"Australia's Greatest Bakery" profiles a remarkable business at Beechworth in the North East of Victoria. The Beechworth Bakery provides sixty two jobs in a town of 3,700 people and has an enviable cashflow and annual income. This program examines the factors that have contributed to this success.

"Kaikoura Whale Watch" details how, in the south island of New Zealand, a group of indigenous people have managed to turn the economy of their town around by recognising the tourism potential of their natural environment. In 1994 The Kaikoura Whale Watch won the British Airways Global Tourism for Tomorrow Award.

"Giving the Town a Heart" profiles the innovative approach to streetscape and signage being undertaken in the Mallee. For the town of Ouyen the result is new business activity including tourism. In the same region a different approach to town signs has provided a number of small communities stretching from Ouyen to the South Australian border with a new sense of identity.

"Oamaru an Historic Town at Work" the recognition of a local heritage asset in this New Zealand town has meant significant employment and tourism activity. With careful management, community support and an active calendar of events, the old stone buildings of Oamaru are becoming homes for a number of businesses and are providing an active tourist precinct for the town.

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A Tale of Two Cities

Local government can play a creative role in encouraging economic development. This video examines some of the ways in which the New Zealand cities of Christchurch and Wellington have demonstrated an holistic approach to job creation, small business development and the nuturing of a positive community self image. We see the range of small business services provided by both the Capital Development Agency in Wellington and the Canterbury Development Corporation in Christchurch with programs including: Business Grow, Businesslink and Company Rebuilders. The mayor of Christchurch discusses the impressive calendar of festivals and events in her city and the Absolutely Positively Wellington campaign designed to lift the image of Wellington to locals is featured. (12min 30sec)

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Station Street

This video outlines the challenges that are facing small retail traders and then follows the process of producing an action strategy plan for a suburban strip shopping centre. With the assistance of a StreetLIFE grant from the Department of State Development, the City of Darebin's Economic Development and Tourism Unit focused attention on one of a number of small shopping centres within the city, Station Street Fairfield. The process included: Consultation and surveying Identification of local issues Trader and community workshops Customer service training

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Community Leadership and Small Town Survival

This audio tape features an interview with Dr Ed Nelson from Nebraska USA. This prroject was on the recommendation of Peter Kenyon from IDEAS in WA who met Ed on one of his study tours of the US and had discovered him to be a very inspirational speaker.

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