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After featuring Tom O'Toole and his Beechworth Bakery as case studies in a couple of productions designed to inspire small businesses, I have worked closely with the amazing Tom to produce a series of DVDs which are great tools for staff training and motivation in businesses of all sizes. These programs are used by major goverment institutions, banks, francises etc etc. Check out the testimonials
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Dare to Dream

Tom O’Toole is passionate about setting goals. In this DVD Tom explains in his own moving and entertaining way, the critical lessons that he has learnt about taking control of your life through goal setting. He invites you to “Dare to Dream” of the things that you want to achieve in all aspects of your life. Simple techniques that you will want to share with your staff, friends and family. (16 min)

Extras include Channel 9 Business Sunday feature (8 min), Tom telling Sharon's story - how his teenage daughter set and achieved significant goals ((6 min) and Tom introducing his favourite motivational books (18 min)

Designed for staff training, plus take home for your family and friends to watch.

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Drop Everything for the Customer

This is an inspirational guide for any-sized business, exploring ‘the secret’ that made the Beechworth Bakery what it is today. Presented in four bite-sized sections, Tom’s methods, ideas and advice are practical and simple to implement. Observe Beechworth Bakery customer service in action and find out how to cultivate and grow this vital component in your business. (20 minutes)

Segments include: Bakery history and overview, How great customer service operates at the Bakery, Systems that keep it happening, How the culture of the business is the basis of great customer service

Designed for staff training and has considerable application for schools and colleges teaching business studies and tourism and hospitality.


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Making Dough with Tom O'Toole and Tom the Speaker

Making Dough (16 min) explores how Tom's 'down to earth' but very clever approach to business, has had a remarkable effect on his operation and the whole town of Beechworth. Entertaing and inspiring, the Tom O'Toole story has application to any size, and kind of business.

Tom the Speaker (28 min) features Tom live on stage in his capacity as one of Australia’s leading inspirational speakers.

Again designed for staff training these are great aids to refocusing your business. Making Dough also provides a very good case study for schools and colleges teaching business studies and tourism and hospitality.


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Work together Win together

Getting honest about business with Tom O’Toole. Enjoy Tom in his most animated way. This is a 60 minutes CD of Tom, at one of his presentations. Travel with Tom through an amazing kaleidoscope of stories and pointers about his Beechworth Bakery and learn how to get honest about business. (60 min)

Great for recharging your batteries on a car trip


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We didn't produce this one but it's an inspiring read

A fresh approach to business success. This is Tom O’Toole’s revised first book – a business auto-biography, where he has gathered together many reminiscences. Behind this real Irish-Australian tale are many things – a life philosophy, incredible honesty, a message for all, a journey of self-discovery and more than that: a real rollicking Aussie yarn featuring three kangaroos, two possums, one platypus and lots more!

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Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery

Once again not our production, but I did shoot a number of the photographs. Some great cooking tips but it's far more than just a cook book.

The Beechworth Bakery Cookbook “This isn’t just another bloody recipe book. This is a philosophy of life!” Peppered with passion and inspiration, this is the latest edition of the Beechworth Bakery’s immensely popular collection of ‘secrets’, featuring even more recipes & snippets of wisdom, and challenging life’s recipes.

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