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February 2005

The Laws
Friday, March 18th

First if you haven’t heard, Kate and Jaz have migrated as planned but not quite as far as expected. After a reconnaissance trip to Queensland, they have settled in not so far away Ballarat instead. The Cockatoo remains unmanned during normal hours (anybody like a really cool business to operate?), but we are keeping the music coming and the first event for the new year is a return of a Canadian duo The Laws on Friday 18th of March. A great weekend to head to Dunolly coz there’s the popular Eddington veteran car sprints on at Eddington just a few ks away on Saturday 19th. Plus there are some new places to stay town, see below.

Now if you haven't caught up with The Laws (, they are described as: “The Laws, Michele and John, are a husband-and-wife song writing duo from Ontario, Canada. Their songs paint a masterpiece of love, loss, hope and loneliness: a real sound and a compelling blend of harmony and heartfelt lyrics that builds bridges from country to bluegrass to folk. You can't help but get caught up in the singing. Their voices sound like the male and female version of one voice. And you can't ignore that these are two solid songwriters with the ability to write in just about any style then stamp it with the sound that has now become recognizable as The Laws"

Their music is in more of a country style than we usually feature at the Cockatoo, but when we first experienced their performance a couple of years ago we were very impressed by their music and the great relationship that they established with the people at the café. So come along and enjoy the Laws experience.

Bookings are essential and we are asking for a twenty dollar deposit $10 for the musicians and $10 towards the meal. It means that you have less to pay on the night and makes it seem real cheap! We are happy to arrange this by credit card over the phone.

PS If you’re travelling a few ks, think about staying the night The Golden Triangle Motel (new owners) 54 681 166, and the Caravan Park with cabins ($49) and on site vans ($27.$50) 54 681 262. The two pubs in town have accommodation but we’re not sure what their current star rating is. The Railway Hotel 54 681 077 and The Royal Hotel 54 681 313
Footers 54 681 073
And now! Hunt’s Folly Cottage and Vineyard, Contact Jan or Steve on 9435 5328 or 0438180752
Lavender Cottage 03 9894 4477, 0407509201

Philip and Anna


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