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Quite a bit has happened since the last newsletter. Country singer Audrey Auld (see review by Jaz), surprise entertainer for the Aussie night, and once again a delightful night with Harry and his jazz quartet. The recording from the jazz night turned out quite well and who knows - a Cockatoo publishing venture?

Next month we have great pleasure in welcoming back Blackwood, Friday June 13th - Andy Rigby, James Rigby and Jane Thompson who have been friends of the Cockatoo Cafe since its birth. Andy plays almost any musical instrument you can name but is likely to be found with a harp or flute, James vocals, guitar, fiddle mandolin and quattro, and Jane vocals, whistle, percussion and accordion. Plus there is always the possibility of yet another talented Rigby turning up - Bruce with his vocals and great mandolin playing. As far as the music style goes, they describe it as a combination of local, Irish, African and Latin. They are very talented musicians and it should be another great night.

And then two weeks later on Saturday June 28th brings Mark Jackson and Aaron Wales. This event is described in our local (Bendigo) Artznews as "Irredeemably gorgeous and intimate venue, spectacular food, two wonderful young men supporting each other's needs in performing their own original songs. Lovely voices, percussion, guitar, harmonies and muted trumpet. " And there's more! Pizza and Jam night July 12th and yes Kavisha will be at the Cockatoo in September. There is a $10 music fee and bookings are essential. It's not far away time wise, so if you are keen to come let us know fast.

As usual meals are served before and between entertainment. A range of wines and beers is available. Suggested arrival time around is 7.00PM. These evenings tend to fill rather rapidly so don't delay booking in, and if for any reason you do need to cancel a booking please let us know asap because we are a very small venue, the musicians need the money and we usually have a waiting list of people ready to come, even at the last minute. And please let us know if this newsletter is no longer of interest, plus if you are emailable to we can add you to our newsletter email list as an alternative. Just send a message to

Philip for Anna, Kate and Jazz

PS If you're travelling a few ks, think about staying the night - The Golden Triangle Motel 54 681 166, and the Caravan Park with cabins ($49) and on site vans ($27.50) 54 681 262. Plus there's a new up market B&B in town, we'll get details and advise

(PPS Café hours are Friday and Sun 11am to 4pm, and Saturday 11am till late.)


Audrey Auld Report written by Jasmin Ashton,
On the 16th of May, singer/songwriter Audrey Auld appeared live at the Cockatoo Café in Dunolly. "Her strong voice has a lot of impact." Commented Philip Ashton, a member of the audience.

Some of the songs that she has written are: I'd leave me too, which is a song about a woman who has done some stupid things and wishes she could leave herself. Shove it, is a boppy tune about a girl wanting to leave her boyfriend and start a new life, and Song for Clax is a story about a friend she used to have that committed suicide and it is a very deep and sad song.

Audrey has recently worked with Bill Chambers, Kasey Chamber's father and is progressing very well. If you would like to learn more about Audrey visit or


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