Broadway Cockatoo Cafe
116 Broadway Dunolly, Victoria, Australia



The Broadway Cockatoo Cafe in Dunolly operates out of a building that has had a long history of being a food establishment, starting in 1860 as a bakery. One of the more interesting characters and long standing residents was Ms Nora Thompson who ran it as a Tea and Coffee house for many years. There are still locals who have childhood memories of milking the cows and churning the home made ice cream after school.
The Broadway Cockatoo Cafe opened in 1993 which was 133 years after the building was established. We initially wanted to address a strong yearning for good coffee out here away from the city. It was nowhere to be found, so what to do , open a cafe. The idea was well accepted and now 10 years on we offer a welcoming environment in which you can get great food, local wines and of course COFFEE !!
Another feature that has evolved is that the cafe has become a significant venue for acoustic music nights featuring local and overseas artists.


Since opening ten years ago, the cafe has earned a reputation for the quality of the home made pastas, home made ice cream (with not quite as much work as Nora's took) local wines, entertainment and generally the atmosphere generated by everyone involved.


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In recent years the Cockatoo Cafe has changed to first become the Dunolly Pharmacy, and then recently its the new Dunolly Nik Naks and Gallery. 


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